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Stupid Hosting

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Not sure if anyone else noticed, but I sure as hell did.

Over the past couple of weeks, whenever I’ve edited my blog, or made changes, or the wind was blowing in the wrong direction in the Isle of Man, WordPress would crash.

In addition to this, when my blog was working, it would run so slowly. I had assumed that all the pretty pictures and the theme were the cause of the slowdown. As for the crashing, I wasn’t sure.

Just to add insult to injury, the server itself would turn on maintenance mode and hide my blog entirely.

Yesterday was my fed up point. For some reason, the hosting management console (Plesk, since it was a Windows server, rather than CPanel) was running extremely slowly, and claiming my website was full of viruses. Ugh!

Originally, my blog was hosted with CrazyDomains using one of their Windows hosting packages. Why Windows? Well, I am also hosting an ASP based website for my parents, so it has to be Windows.

So I did some digging around and discovered weird behaviour on the hosting server.

The 2 things I noticed is one, that a file path wasn’t being handled correctly by PHP, either it was a bug with the Windows version of PHP, or a server configuration issue, or something else. I wasn’t sure.

I also noticed that a number of PHP scripts on WordPress were timing out, which seemed to be about when the whole site went down.

I did all the usual troubleshooting things, such as disabling plugins, themes, everything that I could possibly do. No luck. It became less and less stable.

So I cracked the shits and ragequit CrazyDomains.

I am now with VentraIP. I copied the entire application over to VentraIP along with the database, changed a couple of settings and bam. Everything worked.

Same configuration, same everything. No changes. Plus, everything worked so much faster. It is great.

In the end, if you had trouble reading my blog, I’m sorry. CrazyDomains has been nothing but trouble for months now and I know I should have moved a long time ago, but I’m lazy and cheap.

It is done. Have fun reading!

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