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Time is Wasted

Holy Shit!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Well, if you’re seeing this post, it means you’re a member and this stupid annoying difficult to use membership system actually works. That’s great! Unless you’re not logged in, and you can see this, in which case it isn’t working and I’m about to press the delete key on this shit.


Reading Time: 3 minutes A little while ago I asked around to see if anyone would be OK if they had to register as a member to view certain content on my blog. The feedback was positive enough. So, I’m planning on implementing it. Bit of Background I have been toying with the idea of hiding some very limited …

Stupid Hosting

Reading Time: 2 minutes Not sure if anyone else noticed, but I sure as hell did. Over the past couple of weeks, whenever I’ve edited my blog, or made changes, or the wind was blowing in the wrong direction in the Isle of Man, WordPress would crash. In addition to this, when my blog was working, it would run …

Little Update

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shiny New Logo Firstly, thanks to Mr Dylan Hodgon for making me a shiny new logo for my blog! I’ve now actually put it up on the blog and on my socials (well, Facebook Page anyway!). I’m going to set up a couple of other social media type pages for uses also. You should check …