About Me

Time is Wasted

What does Procrasturbate mean?


To Procrasturbate is to
masturbate as a form of  procrastination

Why my blog is named after this? Well, because I stole the domain name off a friend who registered it. It was catchy. He should have renewed it. Whether I do this or not is none of your business!


I Am Zads
and this is my blog

Zads is a nickname that’s stuck with me since high school. Born in ’89, identify as male (he/him), I started this blog (again) in 2020 right at the beginning of the human malware situation. It was mostly for my own theraputic reasons as I find writing to be very calming.

Even though the blog is my own personal experiences, it has made me realise that I enjoy having a creative outlet to show off my works and my life experiences all at the same time.

My blog is my own, it is something that I maintain by myself for myself. Though I do like seeing people read it, I don’t write anything because I have an expectation of people reading it or want to win some sort of popularity contest. That said, I do hope some people do read it and get something out of my life experiences.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy what you see!

What my blog is about

It is all about me and mine! 

Me and my life experiences

This is what my blog was originally about. Me and my life experiences. Writing about my experiences and my life helps me to learn from those experiences and move forward. It is a great stress relief.


I take pretty pictures! I am by no means a professional photographer, but I am reasonably skilled with my Sony A6400 camera. This blog gives me an opportunity to share the beauty I find in the world.

What People Say About Me

People can be so hurtful, or so wrong!


A Friend

“Keep your mind and don’t lose it, that is how you are different to other Aussies, mate.”



Waiting for text



Waiting for text


Ex Colleague

“Constantly pushes the boundaries of ‘too much, too far, too soon’”

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