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Zad’s Doom Map Project

Doom II: Project Nightmare

Currently working on this as a bit of a side project for the moment. I’ve been building a map (and hopefully soon to be a map pack) for the GZDoom Engine. So far the working title for this project is Doom 2: Project Nightmare.

This page will eventually contain everything relating to this project, including videos, updates and blog posts. I’ll also be including a link to where you can download yourself a copy of the WAD file if you want to give it a shot.

This page is a bit of a work in progress. A link to the WAD will be up shortly, as well as some additional information!

Get the WAD!

Wanna give this WAD a go yourself? The latest version of the WAD can be found on Github by clicking the link below. Remember, you’ll need a Doom 2 WAD as well as some dependencies to play properly.

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I wanna be a playtester!

If you’d like to be a playtester or want to let me know of any bugs or issues you have on any of the finalised maps, get in touch through my contact form at the bottom of the page linked below.

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What do I need to play?

Good question, and soon I’ll put together a page on the prerequisites for this map pack. Right now, the main one you need is the B WAD from Back to Saturn X Episode 1. Link below.

Get BTSX Ep 1

Check out a playthrough done by me of the first map, Point Insanity! 

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