Privacy Policy

Time is Wasted

Since I’m planning on allowing subscriptions and membership to my blog, I thought I’d put together this privacy policy. Also, apparently because I use Google Analytics, I’m supposed to have one. I’ll keep it simple.

Tracking and Cookies

I’ve enabled Google Analytics on my blog to gain insights in to how many people visit, how long they spend and what they view on here. This information is used by me to see what’s working and what is not. I don’t sell this information or share it with anyone and no personally identifiable information is kept. You can find out more about Google Analytics and their privacy policy here.

Google Analytics uses cookies to help identify your system when viewing my blog.

Since this blog is based on WordPress, some cookies that save personal settings, including auto-login information are saved on your system.

If you are in a region covered by the GDPR, or other laws regarding cookies, being on this website means you consent to the cookies. If you don’t, then you aren’t permitted to access this website. This website isn’t hosted in a GDPR country and I don’t give a fuck about your stupid cookie laws.

Users and Membership

Some personally identifiable information will be collected when you request a membership on my blog. This information will be stored on a hosting service in Australia and is used only for access to this blog. I don’t verify the authenticity of this information. This information isn’t for sale and isn’t to be given away.

At minimum, I’ll request a username, e-mail address, first name and last initial. Your e-mail address will be used to verify it is your e-mail address, if you request a password reset and to notify you of anything I’m legally obliged to notify you about. Unless you expressly consent to it, I won’t be sending spam, newsletters or anything else to your e-mail.

The dates and times you log in may also be recorded. The IP address you use won’t be included in this information, nor will the pages you access.


I don’t have external advertising on my blog. I don’t allow access to your data for advertising purposes except whatever Google Analytics does in that respect.