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Little Update

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Shiny New Logo

Firstly, thanks to Mr Dylan Hodgon for making me a shiny new logo for my blog! I’ve now actually put it up on the blog and on my socials (well, Facebook Page anyway!). I’m going to set up a couple of other social media type pages for uses also.

You should check out Dylan’s photography on his business Facebook Page. He’s a super talented photographer and all round good man, even if he is from QLD.

Going to look at new templates for my blog shortly to better match the logo and colours.

Yes, there’s something subtle in the logo! I love it!

Photography Updates

Other than writing in my blog from time to time, I also do enjoy a spot of photography. I want to share it with everyone, but I (probably from lack of trying) haven’t worked out how to make it fit in to my blog very well.

The plan is, at this stage, is to feature a few of my favourite photos on my social media pages from time to time. If I take some photos with a bit more of a story to them, then I’ll figure out a way to make a little gallery of them on my blog with a description of what the photos are all about.

Not that I expect to sell anything, but if anyone does see a photo of mine they like and think it would look spiffy on their wall, I’m happy to make an order and sell you a print in whatever format suits you!

Internet Sucks!

Unfortunately, my internet connection in Perth at home has been questionable at best, which has put me off posting and doing things for the past few weeks because of the patience required to do it, plus the fact I really don’t have a space set up yet where I can just sit down and write and do stuff.

Plan on rectifying the latter this weekend, I hope. The former, unfortunately is something that’s out of my hands. No NBN in my area because reasons that are stupid and lazy.

Might have to suck it up and go for mobile broadband. Yay expensive!

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