Preview: Untitled Space Opera

Time is Wasted

Preview: Untitled Space Opera

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For quite some time I’ve had ideas bouncing around in my head, of a science fiction universe and stories within that universe. I watch a lot of scifi shows and played a lot of scifi games. For whatever reason, they’re something that both interests me and inspires me.

I never really thought of myself as a writer, but it seems for whatever reason people enjoy reading my blog. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback from people on my writing style and how I get my point across.

Though I am aware that this doesn’t mean that my writing will translate very well to fiction, I wanted to give it a try.

This is hardly a finished product. In fact, I’ve only really written the first chapter at the time of posting. Though I like writing, I didn’t want to just do this for myself, I wanted to see if anyone actually enjoys what I have to write.

So I present to you the first chapter of what is currently being called, Untitled Space Opera. I really would appreciate any feedback on this that anyone who is an avid reader has to offer. I’d also like to hear if anyone would like to see what happens and for me to continue writing this.

Chapter One: Between Two Worlds

Warning, pressure loss states the voice of the computer that controls the pressure suit. Phoenix ignores the alarms of his pressure suit, instead hastily typing out a message on his datapad.

Thrown straight out of the space ship thanks to a hole in the hull created by a small breaching torpedo. Phoenix clips the side of the hole on the way out. The armor plating of the suit takes most of the damage but leaves a tiny little pinhole allowing air to escape out.

Escape pods from the nearly destroyed ship Phoenix was ejected from are seen launched out, accelerating like they’re slugs from a capitol ship’s forward cannons. The pods seem to go unnoticed by the dark enemy dreadnaught, which continues it’s attack against the much smaller frigate.

Phoenix continues typing out his message on the datapad, with things starting to get a bit blurry for him due to the lack of oxygen left in his suit. “Come on, you piece of shit” exclaims Phoenix, running out of breath. Warning, suit failure imminent. Return to a pressurised space immediately the suit AI says in a calm, non-urgent voice.

A beep is heard. “Got it!” shouts Phoenix, who now seems happy that the message has been sent. Phoenix takes his last breath as he drifts further and further away from his ship.

Another explosion is seen from what was once a proud United Nations Navy frigate. The UNN Endurance. The irony of the name is not lost on Phoenix as he slowly passes out, starved for oxygen.

Critical failure the suit AI states. But there’s nobody left to listen.

“Wake up!”

Panicked, Phoenix wakes up. Laying on an almost bed-like ceremonial table inside a Helios temple, a huge dark room with gothic-like architecture and statues. Statues of the various Helios royalty. A small computer console showing the various internal sensors, sitting next to a thick blast door is also present in the temple, a constant reminder that you are still aboard a starship. Phoenix is back on the Helios Royal Flagship, the HRN Night’s End. Millions of clicks from where the UNN Endurance would ultimately meet it’s end. The HRN Night’s End is sitting at the border of what the United Nations refers to as blue zone in an area called the yellow zone, within a few thousand clicks of the Paragon Trading Centre. Though both planet governments tolerate each other and aren’t technically at war, the Helios government and United Nations, Earth’s government, don’t allow each other within their controlled areas. The yellow zone being the closest that Helios ships can get to Earth without special approval and the Paragon Trading Centre being the largest port where people from the Sol system can trade with those from the Helios system.

Standing over Phoenix is his brother, Ignis, in a dark grey Naval Officer’s uniform for the Helios Royal Navy, adorned in silver with rank insignia. Helios Princes automatically granted the highest rank of any military branch they decide to join, in this case, Supreme Admiral. Next to Ignis, dressed in a deep purple dress, also adorned in gold, a traditional priestess dress, is the Supreme High Priestess to the Royal Family, Adana.

“What did you see” asks Ignis inquisitively.

“I see how it ends, and how I need to get there” states Phoenix, being his usual vague self. Phoenix gets up off the table and heads to the blast door. “I need to get back”.

Adana starts clearing the temple as Phoenix and Ignis leave through the blast door and head towards the main elevators.

“Are you going to explain what you saw?” demands Ignis, also requesting hanger level 2 in the elevator. “Nope” replies Phoenix, “I don’t need this going back to our father and I don’t need you or anyone else meddling”.

“I don’t see why you’re so insistent on living with the humans, helping the humans” states Ignis, “You’ve lived with them for years now and joined their military. Father wants to know when this excursion will end and you will join us back in Helios”.

King Blaze of Shinoda is the ruling king of the Helios system, a system made up of 7 planets surrounding a yellow dwarf star, similar to Sol. King Blaze is the father of 2 sons and 1 daughter. Prince Ignis, Prince Phoenix and Princess Ash. His wife, Sandra was excommunicated after kidnapping Phoenix and seeking amnesty on Earth.

“I’m not interested in what father has to say at the moment” replies Phoenix. The elevator arrives at the level 2 hangar. “If I need you or him, I’ll use the beacon you gave me, otherwise I have a job to do”.

“Fine, as you wish” states Ignis.

Phoenix walks towards his shuttle. A small UNN Titan-Class 8 person short range shuttle capable of carrying a small number of defensive weapons and capable of short bursts of faster-than-light flight. Painted below the window on the port side is the pilot’s name and details. Cdr Phoenix Shinoda, ‘Darkstar’. The door opens on the shuttle and Phoenix enters.

“I’ll shout if I need you” says Phoenix. Ignis scoffs and walks away as Phoenix closes the door of his shuttle.

Phoenix guides the shuttle out of the hangar of the HRN Night’s End, noticing on the way out a couple of privately owned destroyers appeared to be monitoring the HRN Night’s End. It is unusual to see Helios Navy capital ships anywhere in the yellow zone, especially near trading posts and especially dreadnaught class ships. Phoenix plots in the coordinates for Earth and activates the FTL jump system.

Opening up his datapad, Phoenix types out a message.

Admiral Kane, have urgent intel to share. Estimated arrival time at Earth in 2 hours. Please respond with location to meet.

Message sent. It will be 2 hours before the shuttle will reach earth, even at FTL. Phoenix decides that it is time to take a nap.

Chapter 2 coming soon.

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