Goodbye 2020, and Go Fuck Yourself

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Goodbye 2020, and Go Fuck Yourself

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If you thought 2020 was a fantastic year, please let me know where you got the drugs from. Because if you were pleased with 2020 and what you’ve accomplished, those must be some very strong drugs.

For most people, myself included, 2020 was a year of failures. It was the year of COVID, after all. It really wasn’t a year where you had the opportunity of kicking goals, unless your goal was to see as few people as possible.

Even with COVID, many made goals, again, myself included, to work on ourselves and do things we normally wouldn’t do. Many of us failed at that too.

I wanted to learn guitar, learn a new language, so many things. I can assure you, that didn’t happen. Why? Well, COVID and the associated changes to our lives had a very nasty effect on me and many others. We had grand ideas, and we simply didn’t hit them.

Our own mental health got the best of us. So many of us got fat, moved houses, became secluded and achieved very little.

But that’s OK.

We couldn’t have predicted this. We also don’t really have a benchmark on how our mental health would handle the effect of living with a pandemic going on. We set goals with no knowledge of how ultimately bad things would get.

Rather than dwelling on what you didn’t achieve, think on the things you did achieve. Firstly, you’re alive and well, and managed to stay at least financially afloat. I mean if you’re reading this blog post, you must be alive and be paying your internet bills. That’s important. You’re OK.

But beyond not being dead, think on the little things you did manage this year.

Me, for example, I managed to start writing my blog again. I improved my photography skills and became the secretary of a club that’s important to me.

I’ve made more new friends and managed to improve my overall mental health a little bit.

Plus I’ve found new things I enjoy, like writing.

2020 can well and truly go fuck itself. But don’t write it off and definitely don’t write off your achievements.

Remember what you did achieve, and forget about what didn’t happen.

Stay safe, and best wishes for 2021!

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