An Inspired Weekend

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An Inspired Weekend

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I was concerned that this trip simply wouldn’t happen. Given that Gladys (the incompetent, hopeless, corrupt, braindead, koala murdering, virus spreading she-Hitler disgraced Premier of NSW) can’t control the COVID outbreak in NSW, I was afraid that her bullshit (that is entirely her fault) would spread to WA and cause a lockdown over here.

Guess you can say I’m not her biggest fan.

Moving on, I finally got a few days off of work and enjoyed a holiday with a great group of friends, and JC. Admittedly, it didn’t all stay on plan like we would have liked, but nothing these days ever does and it certainly didn’t detract from the weekend itself.

The weekend itself was mostly to relax out in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. As you can probably imagine, we ate, we drank, we repeated. All from a very nice little holiday house located about 10 minutes out of Margaret River itself.

Unfortunately, like many holidays, it just wasn’t long enough. I could definitely have spent a bit more time down there. But life continues to move forward and commitments and all that jazz.

Something else good came out of the weekend. I finally felt the inspiration to finish off my first YouTube video. It has been years since I wanted to start a YouTube channel. Not for any fame or fortune, just because video editing and production is something that I enjoyed a lot in high school but is something I never really thought of as something I could make a career out of.

As you may know from a previous blog post, anxiety and ADHD both contribute to me not doing a lot of things that I’ve wanted to do.

Support from friends as well as an inspiring trip away made me feel like “fuck it, who cares what others think, this isn’t for them” and actually publish a video. So, I did it. My very first video on YouTube is part of a regular series that I want to continue with called 3 Minute Booze Reviews. Like everything on the internet, the title is a lie and they usually run over. But, who cares.

It has also inspired me to continue on with a longer format series that I’ve been working on called Zads vs The Haunted Hilux. This will be about a Toyota Hilux that I’ve been repairing and the absolute shitshow that this vehicle has been from the start. The first episode will be out towards the end of the month.

Here’s the first episode of 3 Minute Booze Reviews for your viewing pleasure.

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