Write to your MP

Time is Wasted

If you’re concerned about the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill being proposed by the federal government, then you should make yourself known by contacting your Local Member of Parliament and telling them. If you’re not great with writing letters, then the form below will allow you to generate a letter for your local MP ready for you to print or save to PDF to e-mail.

You will need to find the details of your local MP, which you can do by going to this website.

The original version of this letter generator was created by Simon Thuijs and has been automated with permission. If you find any issues or bugs, please go to my about page and fill out the contact form to let me know. You can view a sample of what’s generated here. (Before anyone asks, that is not my address!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the information I enter in the form?
The information entered in the form is never stored by me or anybody else. Once you submit the form, the letter is generated and that’s it. I don’t retain your information, and because I don’t retain it, I don’t use it for anything.

What is “Please automatically generate a signature on this letter” for?
If you’re going to send this as a PDF via e-mail, checking this box means the signature you’d normally put at the bottom of a letter is created automatically, rather than you needing to physically sign it.

Can I link to this form or use it on my own website?
Sure, no reason why you can’t do either. If you want a copy of the code involved, please contact me through my about page. It is written in PHP.

Why can’t you automatically e-mail this to my MP?
Automated e-mail sending is problematic. Mostly, if my mail server starts sending excess amounts of e-mails to the server of the MPs, this will likely get my server blocked for spamming. Which means the e-mails won’t go through. Plus I don’t wanna be blocked for spam!

Can I send the link to the letter directly to my MP?
No, it doesn’t work like that. To generate a link to send it directly to your MP would mean retaining your personal information, and would mean that someone with enough time and effort could theoretically brute force the link to retrieve personal information.

What browsers does this support?
I’ve tested it on Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It should also work on Firefox and Safari. It is unlikely any of my website will work correctly on Internet Explorer.

But I’m using Internet Explorer?
Sigh. Why?

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